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Threat Hunting

Expose the hidden threats in your network

With threats slipping past defenses, roaming freely and undetected around your network, spotting the bad guys can be an arduous task. Broaden and enhance your threat-hunting capabilities with ZoneFox.

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Challenge: Threat-hunting

As the threat landscape evolves, most organizations today accept that at some point a threat will breach their defenses and sit undiscovered on their networks, waiting for the opportunity to get to work. Right now, in fact, chances are good that there’s already more than one hidden threat on your own network, meaning that resting on your laurels when it comes to threat-hunting is no longer an option.

Traditional “prevention” security defenses alone won’t cut it in this brave new world - attackers are too security-savvy themselves to know how to get around your security ecosystem and circumvent defenses. Sure, smart systems and solutions are critical - but these need to be bolstered with a threat-hunting mindset and toolset, catching threats as they emerge and before they do their damage, minimising damage and deterring future attackers.

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ZoneFox Benefits: 

  • Get rapid insights into the origin and target of advanced attacks
  • Stop attacks in progress and protect sensitive data and valuable IP from risk exposure
  • Detailed digital forensics enable meticulous investigation support - quickly determine the Who, What, Where, When and How, so you can mitigate against repeat scenarios
  • Block attacks in progress sooner, reducing their impact on the business
  • Undertake threat hunts to expose threats lying undetected on your networks
  • Prevent the same types of incidents, such as Ransomware, from recurring in the future
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Rapid threat awareness 

The average “dwell time” for advanced attacks is around 200 days - can you afford for sensitive data and valuable IP to be exposed for that long? Traditional detection tools alone are not enough to mitigate these advanced attacks - so what’s a CISO to do? Certainly, waiting until an attack is complete and then acting is a costly, resource-consuming exercise.

The key to robust, successful security is to be aware of the threat as early as possible, to analyze and then respond - smartly and rapidly. Reliable, actionable, context-rich insights delivered by ZoneFox can support your incident response team to make rapid, smarter security decisions around threat events that require quick remediation. By pulling together a range of data sources to deliver rapid insights, ZoneFox provides your team with the capability to quickly understand the source and target of attacks, equipping them with the intelligence to analyze and act with speed and confidence!

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With ZoneFox we have additional eyes and ears so we can see how users are accessing, using and sharing our data. Our collections data is absolutely massive. The access and protection of this is core to the Museums security strategy.
Chris Sleep, Systems and Information Manager
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