Securing Customers and Data

The retail industry has developed from bricks and mortar to e-commerce - a transition which has created the possession of valuable data. As such, any downtime can be critical. Protect against it.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Network Monitoring Interface

Data defence in Retail - how we do it

  • Delivers robust data protection encompassing all areas of risk for the modern retailer, from third parties in the supply chain, to internal users to POS Ransomware
  • Comprehensive Network Monitoring tracks and alerts you to file uploads and downloads from an endpoint to any network location
  • Deliver comprehensive security and visibility - whether a user is on or off the network
  • Understand in an instant where your organization is complying with regulatory legislation - and, more importantly, where it is not - with our Compliance Reporting Dashboard
Within hours of deployment we had a level of visibility I’ve never seen before in terms of what was happening within the network. ZoneFox is a very powerful tool for us
Gabe Barratt
Information Security Consultant
Cybersecurity in retail - image of person carrying shopping bags

Rapid insights for a fast-paced environment

Above and beyond ensuring efficiency within retail, customer data is held at the core of everything. If left unprotected, a breach can be catastrophic and difficult to bounce back from. 

By analyzing and identifying anomalies across endpoints and user behaviors, ZoneFox delivers complete data visibility from a single dashboard. Modelled around rapid insights so critical in developing a strong security posture, ZoneFox gives sight of where your business-critical data is going, who’s accessing it, and who’s doing things with it they shouldn’t be.

Protect customer data

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