The Rise of the

Insider Threat

The Rise of The Insider Threat

With all the talk of defending against hackers, cyber criminals, malware infection and other external threats, we often overlook a key fact. A huge portion of data breaches and system compromises comes from the inside, not the outside. Insiders are involved in 30% of all breaches based on a recent Verizon study – insider threat is bigger than you think. Carelessness and malicious intent are the two major causes. Both can be mitigated with ZoneFox

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ZoneFox Data Protection Shield

Rapid, accurate detection of risky user behavior

ZoneFox automatically detects when a user’s behavior changes, identifies noncompliant or suspicious behavior and rapidly alerts any compromised user accounts being used to harvest valuable IP and confidential data – all without compromising on user productivity and system flexibility.

Built for the enterprise, with rapid, efficient deployment – our cloud, your cloud, or on-prem – ZoneFox is up and running in minutes. It’s an easy, agile threat solution that delivers Threat hunting and threat discovery backed up by full forensics data.

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Unauthorised use of IT resources and applications

  • Detection of employees using personal clouds for corporate information
  • Rogue use of shadow IT and exposure of sensitive information to risk
  • Non-compliance with regulations, including sharing  or distribution of PII
  • Installation of unapproved and unlicensed software
  • Unauthorised use of restricted applications like network sniffing tools, remote desktop tools

Unauthorised access to or transfer of data

  • Use of removable media to store, move, steal, or leak data
  • Unauthorised access and copying of business-critical data
  • File transfers to / from unusual destinations
  • File exfiltration via instant messenger and social media applications

High risk user employee groups and profiles

  • Identifying potential leavers (‘flight risk’ and possible data theft) via user behaviour analysis
  • Monitoring high-risk user groups, e.g. those in conflict with management or facing redundancy

Misuse, abuse, and malicious behaviour

  • Misuse of file system admin rights
  • User disablement or override of endpoint security products
  • Use of password stealing tools and the dark web
  • Inappropriate content access – from prohibited apps to music / movie piracy and pornography

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Can your current security ecosystem tell you where your business-critical data is going, even when it’s headed outside your networks? ZoneFox can. Find out how quickly and easily we can secure your data against the insider threat.

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