Cybersecurity for iGaming

With large amounts of sensitive data and more cash transactions per minute than some of the world’s largest banks, iGaming and gambling companies encounter provocative cybersecurity problems.

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ZoneFox Data Compliance Dashboard

Data defense in Online Gambling - how we do it

  • Total visibility around data and user behavior from a single dashboard - understand the who, what, when, where and how - quickly!
  • Superior machine-learning compares user and peer group activity to spot anomalies and reduce false positives
  • Identifies malicious activity in real time to mitigate risk and costly breaches
  • Alerts on common files associated with Ransomware entering your organization
  • No-nonsense data visualizations enable busy security teams to rapidly prioritize risky or anomalous behavior - see what’s going on in minutes, not days, weeks or even hours
  • Simplifies breach and incident investigations with accurate forensic data
  • Compliance Reporting tells you where you’re meeting - or falling short of - complex compliance demands

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My problem was not data - I had tons of it. My problem was not technology - I had loads of that too. It was that I couldn’t answer some fairly fundamental questions about what was happening within my environment. What are people doing? What are they looking at? What are they doing with that information? That's when I came across ZoneFox.
Gabe Barrett
Information Security Consultant
ZoneFox Cybersecurity Online Gambling

Meeting the threat: why visibility is key

The jackpot for a threat actor can take one of many forms. Infiltration of a gambling platform offers the promise of extremely sensitive (and valuable) customer data. Criminals know full well that punters need to be able to trust who they’re betting with, so the “pay up and keep schtum” approach can be very tempting for the organization who’s been hit by a Ransomware or denial of service attack.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) demands that all service providers with European customers take a new look at compliance - no matter where in the world they happen to be based.

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Insider Threat in iGaming
ZoneFox Data Compliance Dashboard

Only the insights you need, when you need them 

ZoneFox has been built from the ground up to specifically address the challenge of analyzing behavior around your data to give you the right insights at the right time.

By combining the expertise of your security team, with the key insights needed by organizations like yours that work with enormous volumes of sensitive data - you’ll stand a better chance of understanding what’s really happening across your incredibly complex information systems.

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Case Study: ZoneFox and Bede Gaming

Uncover what differentiated ZoneFox for Bede Gaming in our latest Case Study video. Hear how they protected their growing flexible, workforce, whilst bolstering data security and visibility of data movement across the expanding organisation.

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