Protect sensitive data across healthcare

ZoneFox delivers security that supports Healthcare organizations to robustly protect sensitive patient data - identifying risks before they escalate into the next big security incident.

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Data defense in Healthcare - how we do it

  • Total visibility around data and user behavior from a single dashboard with accurate forensic data
  • Alerts on common files associated with Ransomware entering your organization
  • Supports regulatory compliance
  • Enables busy security teams to rapidly prioritise risky or anomalous behavior – see what’s going on in minutes, not weeks, days or even hours
  • Builds up a complete picture of normal user behavior – then alerts when that behavior changes
  • Superior machine learning compares user and peer group activity across your healthcare organization to spot anomalies and reduce false positives
  • Minimal impact on productivity and privacy with our lightweight agents
Realising that we could get visibility around data flow across the network – where files were going, what files were being accessed by who, what files were coming in, what was going out – not only in real-time but historically too … well we were pretty much sold on ZoneFox straight away.
Trevor Doull, Craneware
IT Manager
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Protect sensitive medical data

Over three quarters of all cybersecurity incidents now target only a handful of industries – with Healthcare sitting comfortably in the top five. What’s more, the industry’s fundamental exposure to cyber risk is increasing while at the same time, the threat landscape becomes ever more sophisticated.

But here's the rub - it’s not the cyber criminals who are causing security teams to lose sleep, but the negligent insider who now poses the highest risk to sensitive patient data.

Insider Threat Protection for Healthcare
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Accidental or malicious

Accidental or malicious, keeping one step ahead of these threats requires a multi-faceted approach, encompassing powerful threat defenses, robust analytics capabilities to spot threats quickly – and the ability to respond rapidly when an attack happens.

Always-on, advanced behaviour analytics is your best remedy, continuously monitoring for and detecting risky user behaviour around your data that could indicate an attack, so your team can do what’s needed before any serious harm is done. The valuable, actionable insights that ZoneFox delivers mean that, at last, your team has the ability to quickly detect and respond to attacks.

Protect patient data with AI

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Can your current security ecosystem tell you where your business-critical data is going, even when it’s headed outside your networks? ZoneFox can. Find out how quickly and easily we can secure your data against the insider threat.

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