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Historically the financial sector has focussed on protecting against external infiltrators, rather than facing hidden threats within the company. However, history has also taught us that this is not enough.

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Data defense in Finance - how we do it

  • Complete visibility of data flow around the network - whether users are on or off the corporate network
  • Predefined alerts to meet business-specific policies and needs – policies that deal with prevention of data leaks via the cloud and removable devices (think USBs, CDs, etc.), as well as email
  • Total visibility on where your business-critical files are going – are they downloaded to a removable drive, uploaded to an off-site cloud store, emailed to a competitor, or simply printed off? ZoneFox can tell you
  • Alerting capabilities warn in real time of any breach of security or acceptable use policies
  • Full forensics trail delivered around any incident – invaluable in helping you to see what went wrong and where existing policies might need to be reviewed or revised
Having an audit trail is absolutely critical for us, ­if anything does happen, then we can go back and do a full forensic analysis to establish exactly what happened, what left the building when and how, but maybe more importantly what didn’t leave the building.
Trevor Doull, Craneware
IT Manager
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The Rise Of The Insider Threat

Employees, third-party vendors and contractors – unlike the bad guy cyber criminals – already know where the company assets are and what data are on your networks, and, most likely, they’ll have access to a mountain of PII and confidential information.

With this knowledge, your workforce are perfectly positioned, whether accidentally or deliberately, to disclose, share, leak, steal, destroy or manipulate critical company data.

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Real-Time Valuable Behavior Insights

Bolstering your security posture and protecting against unknown threats within your organization, ZoneFox immediately alerts your team to the tell-tale signs of an inside attack – so you can stop it in its tracks. Continuous monitoring creates a user profile of “normal” behavior, then alerts you when that behavior changes – whether it’s a low and slow theft, or a large movement of data to a USB or cloud application.

Is a contractor testing systems? An employee regularly copying files? Maybe they’re about to hand in their notice and would like to take “their” work with them? Whatever the reason, complete visibility of behavior, and deviation from normal behavior, means you can act quickly and secure the data that underpin the success of your organization – and your reputation.

And, with our detailed forensic data, there’s no huge resource drain spent on analyzing data … ZoneFox will do that for you.

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