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Endpoint Monitoring

Unparalleled endpoint monitoring

Effective endpoint monitoring addresses the risks of connecting multiple devices to your network. Perimeter security software can limit external attacks, but it does little to stop the insider threat.

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Challenge: Total data visibility - on and off network

When your endpoints are exposed to a cyber attack, are you confident that your current security ecosystem can rise to the challenge quickly enough to mitigate the potential damage?

The evolving threat landscape has ensured that the endpoint is now one of the most exposed attack vectors for organizations - and traditional “reactive” security can no longer cut it when it comes to reliable, robust protection.

ZoneFox works rapidly to mitigate threats way beyond traditional endpoint security. It does this by monitoring activities across all of your endpoints – whether users are on or off your network – and alerting on risky behaviours that other solutions often miss.

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Why ZoneFox?

  • Delivers total visibility around behaviour on all of your endpoints, including desktops, laptops, virtual machines and servers
  • Continuous monitoring and data collection - even when the device is offline or disconnected from the network
  • No-interference software that doesn’t drain CPU power from the endpoint or slow down processes
  • Rapid data collection - extremely lightweight agent collects full endpoint inventories and profiles in minutes, with no discernible impact on end-user productivity
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Complete clarity of activities with your data

ZoneFox is your endpoint security - by monitoring activities around your endpoints with ZoneFox (without impacting on the end user or their privacy), you’re effectively securing the handling of business-critical data around your organization and mitigating against the insider threat. The bottom line - you get the confidence you’re looking for around the safety of your data wherever it goes, resulting in fewer data leaks, robust protection against mistakes or malicious activities, and that elusive (until now) peace of mind.

Built with unique endpoint and user-initiated event behavioral monitoring capabilities and an advanced machine-learning algorithm that baselines “normal” endpoint behavior, ZoneFox detects deviations, then scores and prioritizes incidents based on potential threat level. 

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Can your current security ecosystem tell you where your business-critical data is going, even when it’s headed outside your networks? ZoneFox can. Find out how quickly and easily we can secure your data against the insider threat.

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