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Maximum data protection

Rapidly uncover risky behaviors around valuable IP and business-critical data. With full network visibility, prevent compromise before it’s too late.

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Challenge: Reliable, trustworthy data protection

Just as enterprise has been impacted exponentially by technology over the past decade, the data that ensures its success is becoming just as important as ‘traditional’ IP, if not more so. For many organizations, it’s that data that now makes the world go round – and protecting it needs as much attention as the protection of the innovation, creativity and people that create it. 

This expanded data protection remit means new challenges, most crucially staying on top of the required security measures to lock down and secure anything that your business relies on to function. In short, you need to be considering new measures that require to be put in place to protect all of these intangible assets.  

That’s where ZoneFox steps in ...

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ZoneFox Benefits: 

  • See where your data is going and where it’s coming from, even when it’s off your networks
  • In-built alerting & comprehensive reporting with role-based access ensures risk to your data is minimised
  • Get rapid insights into the source and target of advanced attacks
  • Learn from detailed behavioural analytics, and critical visibility into user behaviour around your data
  • Uncover anomalous activities and act lightning-fast before your data ends up somewhere it shouldn’t
  • Detailed analytics and forensics timelines mean you’re equipped with future forensic requirements, allowing you to fine-tune your policies and permissions
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ZoneFox Data Protection Shield

Automatically detect vulnerabilities in sensitive data

Most organizations rely on customer data for all manner of business strategies – from being the beating heart of the business itself, to underpinning the foundations of their marketing and the driving force of product development. The value and power of data can’t be underestimated – if the data dries up, disappears, or leaves with an employee, then everyone ends up a loser.

To maximise your security, having comprehensive data protection in place to protect your business inside and out is critical. ZoneFox helps you achieve this by monitoring behavior around your data across your business network and sniffing out suspicious movement – accidental or malicious – of your valuable information, ensuring issues (such as data breaches) are spotted quickly so that you can respond appropriately.

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Informative things have come to light in the first few weeks; we have data in places we weren’t aware of and it has been valuable to identify this
Gareth Roberts
IT Security Manager, WJEC

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Rapid protection for sensitive data

Learn how ZoneFox helps secure sensitive information against the insider - one of the most dangerous threats that all organizations face - delivering total data visibility, whether it’s on OR off your network.

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