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Compliance Regulation

Meet complex data-compliance demands

Achieve regulatory compliance with ZoneFox's Compliance Reporting tool, built to help you respond to and manage potential non-compliant activity.

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Challenge: Meeting complex compliance demands

Critical to the success of any security posture, compliance has become a necessity, protecting both businesses and citizens against what many might see as “inevitable.”

At first glance, meeting compliance requirements appears to be a lengthy and costly exercise – from the cost of structural change within an organisation, to establishing new business processes, to ensuring complete control of the data that reside with the company, there are a number of resource-intensive practices that need to be in place to ensure regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and MFiid are met – just to name a few.

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ZoneFox Benefits:

  • Create policies by regulatory framework, severity, time to reporting and reporting authority
  • Identify what data was involved in a data breach scenario and who was responsible for the data breach (malicious insider, employee mistake, third-party contractor, malicious external actor, or system error)
  • Real-time alerting of regulation-specific incidents with the ability to forensically investigate any breach - so you can identify whether it poses a substantial risk
  • Flexible reporting functionality to support regulatory and management information reporting, and case-building requirements
  • Total data visibility - see where data is going, where it’s coming from - and who’s doing things with it that are leaving you potentially noncompliant
  • Continuous monitoring of activities around your data - so you can respond quickly and minimise threats that leave your data exposed to attacks
  • Easy visibility of what, when, where, who and how - keeping you one step ahead of security challenges around sensitive information
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Efficient, effective compliance reporting

ZoneFox helps make the processes of achieving and maintaining compliance simpler – and breach reporting less complex.

How? Our Compliance Reporting tool has been built to help you respond to, and manage, potential non-compliant activity efficiently and effectively, whether you’re an IT security analyst investigating a potential breach or a Data Protection Officer responsible for incident management and stringent regulatory reporting.

Organisations finally have a simple, reliable regulatory compliance solution that supports delivery around the key regulations.

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