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What do multinational drug companies, growth-stage biotechs and startup clinical device manufacturers all have in common? All three are firmly in the sights of cyber threat actors.

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Data defense in Biotech - how we do it

  • Indicates anomalous behaviors around your data – so you can quickly adjust policies and permissions
  • Highlights where you’re meeting – or falling short of – complex compliance demands utilising powerful risk control and compliance capabilities
  • Rapidly spots ransomware, alerting in real time and minimising the time data is at risk
  • Tells you where data is going – and where it’s coming in from – whether users are on or off the network
  • Alerts when a user is performing risky actions such as downloading to removable media, installing banned software/browsers, or uploading to web-based sharing and storing sites – so you can take the appropriate action, fast
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Rapid protection for Intellectual Property (IP)

Big pharma offers the promise of prize scalps for financially motivated criminals and state-sponsored hackers alike. Meanwhile, cutting-edge IP and other valuable data mean that rich pickings are also available from niche sector operators. 

Put simply, for a criminal, attacking pharma is worth it.

And whether it’s through tailoring malware to exploit a known vulnerability – or even co-opting a rogue or naive insider – it’s also worth going the extra mile to render that attack as effective as possible.

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Bolster compliance, retain efficiency 

For a sector with a reputation for constantly redefining the state of the art, the challenge is to extend that smart thinking into the realms of data protection. ZoneFox delivers, providing the necessary auditing and reporting capabilities to support compliance with trial and patient data protection regulations, through easy-to-configure Compliance Reporting and monitoring features.

But, that’s not all – ZoneFox offers biotech enterprises the means to secure against the evolving threat landscape, delivering real-time visibility of user behavior around your data, and providing valuable, actionable insights that mean you can act quickly if your valuable IP is exposed to risk.

Robust Compliance Reporting


In under 30 minutes discover how ZoneFox can enable you to bolster your insider threat security with the ability to make rapid, smarter decisions to secure employees and defend corporate IP.

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