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Future-proof sensitive data

Driven by machine learning, ZoneFox AI spots anomalous behavior around your data immediately. Its user-driven data mining, visualization and AI detects anomalies and guards against insider threats.

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Challenge: Anomalous behaviors around sensitive data

The insider threat has many faces, and can rear its ugly head in myriad ways. While we need to be on the lookout for risky behaviors, we also need to take some accountability to ensure that our status quo users - those who don’t operate with malicious intent - are not compromising our data and assets inadvertently (we all know how easy this is).

To improve the way we prevent and handle insider threats, we need visibility into who’s doing what with our data, when, where and how.

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Identify and halt risky users:

  • Automatically detect when a user’s behavior changes, rapidly identifying anomalous users 
  • Rapidly detect compromised user accounts being used to harvest your valuable intellectual property and confidential data
  • ZoneFox works on your behalf, not the other way round, learning from the anomalies you find most valuable and then screening out irrelevant detections; so, if your data is at risk you’ll be the first to know
  • ZoneFox displays data so that you can rapidly prioritize high-risk anomalies.
  • Smart reporting - detailed, dynamic dashboard capabilities that enable you to make high-level decisions in real time
  • Detailed forensics so you can quickly answer critical questions - who, where and why - while at the same time staying compliant with data regulations
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Intercept threats before a major security incident occurs

For too long, organizations have built their security systems like a castle – focused on keeping those on the outside away from critical data, but failing to protect against or detect an inside job.

Built on four pillars: Machine Learning, User-Driven Data Mining, Visualization, and Augmented Intelligence, ZoneFox has the intelligence to revolutionize your security by harnessing smart behavior analytics and state-of- the-art machine learning to identify and combat any suspicious activity around your organization’s sensitive data - quickly and effectively.

ZoneFox monitors data flow and user behavior and spots abnormal usage patterns via a level of flexible pattern recognition for which rules are unsuitable - enabling rapid threat detection and response times. It’s ZoneFox and your team working together to get to the facts - we call it Augmented Intelligence (AI).

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Procuring a system that would deliver immediate value without recruiting additional staff was challenging in itself - but ZoneFox had it covered.
Gareth Roberts
IT Security Manager, WJEC

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