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From finance and healthcare, to retail and legal, discover how ZoneFox supports a variety of sectors to bolster security posture, support compliance and eradicate the insider threat.  


“We thought we knew what was going on in our network, and then we installed ZoneFox!" 
Jim Hooker, Information Security Officer, Bede Gaming


ZoneFox Cybersecurity In Finance


Harness the smart behavior analytics and compliance reporting capabilities of ZoneFox to transform your security posture.

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Cybersecurity in healthcare - image of healthcare professionals


ZoneFox delivers security that supports Healthcare organizations to robustly protect sensitive patient data.

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Cybersecurity in retail - image of person carrying shopping bags


Protect the business-critical data that your Retail enterprise relies on, ensuring your fast-paced Retail environment is enhanced - not hindered - by your security ecosystem.

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Cybersecurity in biotech image of person using microscope


Detect anomalous behavior and protect your intellectual property with the Zonefox insider threat and data security platform.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Oil & Gas Offshore Platform

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas is the second most targeted industry by cyber attacks. Secure your organization with ZoneFox's cyber security and threat detection suite.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity In Legal Industry Justice Scales


Protect sensitive legal data with ZoneFox cybersecurity. From endpoint monitoring to anomalous behaviour alerts | Get complete data visibility | Book a demo.

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Cybersecurity in education image of person speaking to students


Avoid personal data breaches of students, staff, and alumni with the ZoneFox insider threat and information security platform.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Online Gambling


Get the right insights at the right time, using machine learning to compare user and peer group activity to spot anomalies and reduce false positives.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Solutions Insider Threat Team

Insider Threat

Protect your data and team from the insider threat and prevent data theft with machine learning and UEBA | Robust Data Protection | Book a Threat Test Now

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ZoneFox whiteboard post-its

Threat Hunting

Detect, analyse and respond to anomalous or risky behaviour utilising ZoneFox's Insider Threat Protection platform | Speak to the Threat Hunting Experts today

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Expert

Data Protection

See where your data is going and where it’s coming from, even when it’s off-network.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Team Member With Laptop

Endpoint Monitoring

Monitor activity across all of your endpoints whether users are on or off your network to secure your business critical data.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance Team

Compliance Regulation

Achieve regulatory compliance with ZoneFox's Compliance Reporting tool, built to help you respond to and manage potential non-compliant activity.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Laptops


Stop ransomware in its tracks and protect your organisation with ZoneFox's early detection system, smart endpoint analysis and machine learning | Book a Demo

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ZoneFox HQ Logo With Cybersecurity Expert

Anomalous Behavior

ZoneFox's machine learning, user-driven data mining, visualization and augmented intelligence detects anomalies and guards against insider threats.

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