ZoneFox SLA

Service Level Agreement

ZoneFox Service Level Agreement
Software Support & Maintenance

Software Upgrades & Maintenance

All software version upgrades and maintenance or bug fixes will be provided during the period that an active subscription and licence agreement is in place.

Software Support

The following sections define the standard support provision and support incident response procedures that will be provided during the period that an active subscription and licence agreement is in place.

Support Hours

Support is provided between the hours and 9am and 5:30pm GMT Monday to Friday with the exception of defined UK Public Holidays. Extended support hours are subject to agreement.
If an incident is reported out with these working hours, it will be responded to as soon as possible within working hours.

Reporting an Incident

In order to receive the optimum support response, the steps below should be followed. These steps ensure that we obtain the information we need to progress the incident response as quickly as possible:

All issues should, where possible, be notified to Agree Reporters, who will in turn formally report the incident.

Agreed Reporters

The Agreed Reporter(s) were identified during the on-boarding process and have been through extensive product training and they may immediately be able to help you with your issue. If the issue has arisen previously, they can update you on what the ZoneFox team are doing with the issue.
If the Agreed Reporter agrees that ZoneFox team needs to help resolve the issue, they will be able to contact us directly and they will ensure that all users of the system at your company are aware of the issue and also what is being done to resolve it.

Assessing the severity of an incident

We believe that the best people to decide on the severity of an issue is you - the user(s) of the system.

When telling us the impact that an issue is having on your business, we would like you to use the impact scale below so that we understand the severity of the incident:

Severity One
A severity 1 issue affects all users of the system and the system is completely unusable.
Examples of a severity 1 incident would be:
ZoneFox website inaccessible
Data not being logged about any ZoneFox agent by the collector server

Severity Two
A Severity Two issue affects most or all users of the system and the system is materially affected to the point at which it becomes very difficult to use.
Examples of a Severity Two incident would be:
The ZoneFox website responds very slowly or times-out when requesting reasonable amounts of data. This happens for all users.
Data not logged for a large proportion of ZoneFox agents
A daily report is not generated on time

Severity Three
A Severity Three issue affects some users of the system and the system is usable but an issue exists which make using it more difficult.
Examples of Severity Three incident would be:
The layout of the webpage on a certain browser is not as expected
A single or small number of agents’ data is not being logged

Severity Four
A Severity Four issue covers suggested improvements to the ZoneFox system and issues which are less serious than a severity 3 issue.
Examples of a Severity Four incident would be:
A suggested improvement to a part of the ZoneFox solution

Process of reporting an incident
The Agreed Reporter should contact the ZoneFox team by telephone (+44 845 388 5773) or by emailing with the following details:

  • Name of Reporter
  • Name of Company
  • Email we can contact you on
  • Phone number that we can contact you on
  • Detailed description of incident, including:
  • Severity (as assessed using the guidelines above)
  • Steps to reproduce incident
  • Platform that you are using including version of Microsoft Windows (including service pack) and the version of the browser
  • Version of ZoneFox (you can get this from the footer of the dashboard screen, if accessible)
  • Version of the endpoint Agents (you can get this from the Agents section of the Administration menu on the ZoneFox website, if accessible)
  • Any steps that you have taken to resolve or mitigate the issue (and whether this was effective)
  • Screen captures or other information that you think will help us investigate the issue

Response Time

The ZoneFox team will respond to a request for assistance according to the severity of the issue. The table below shows the time within which you can get a response to your query:

Severity of Issue - Guaranteed Response Time
1 - Within 2 hours
2 - Within 4 hours
3 - Within one working day
4 - Reasonable Endeavours

What you can expect after you report an incident
After you report an incident to us, we will respond as quickly as we can (and definitely within the times outlined in the section above) and we will tell you:

  • Who on the team will be your key point of contact for the issue? This is the person who will personally deal with your case and who you can contact at
  • If we need any further information before we commence our investigations
  • If there are any immediate workarounds that you can use to circumvent the issue that you have reported
  • What we are going to do to start resolving your issue
  • How often we will be in touch to update you on your issue