ZoneFox Services

The overall objective of the implementation process will be to quickly and efficiently implement the software within your organisation, to ensure that the firm realises the benefits from its investment in the technology in a short timeframe.

ZoneFox has a well-developed methodology for ensuring the successful implementation of its software. During implementation the focus is on providing the following key elements and services:

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Security policy review and rules configuration
  • User training
  • Implementation support

ZoneFox is most effective in its role when deployed across a whole organisation and all endpoints, however ZoneFox will work with your organisation to plan the most effective implementation approach and the following sections provide further information on each of these elements of the implementation process.

1.1 Installation & Configuration

Key Milestones

Review deployment model
Configuration of long-term infrastructure 
Roll out to remaining infrastructure
Identification of further business rules for alerting
Configuration of reporting to be sent to key individuals
Identify further areas of risk for agent deployment
Full Training for your organisation’s team on ZoneFox operation
Early-life support

1.2 Security Policy Review & Rules Configuration

ZoneFox is deployed ‘out the box’ with a recommended base rule-set created by the ZoneFox team. These rules have been defined by the Cyber Security team at ZoneFox with reference to ISO27001 security policies.

We will review these core rules with your organisation and based on your organisation’s needs in terms of alignment with its current security policy and controls, the business rules will be configured to monitor and alert on those activities that your organisation considers may present a risk to its data and business.

1.3 User Training

A nominated individual or individuals will be shown the ZoneFox administration interface and the system will be fully demonstrated to new administrators. This training will cover:

  • ZoneFox terminology, concepts and fundamentals
  • Logging into the administration console
  • Understanding and configuring the Dashboard
  • Using the Alerts page
  • How to configure new alerts
  • Searching for historic alerts and events
  • Administration of agents, system status and users
  • Using the Daily Reports
  • AI
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Network Monitoring

How to use ZoneFox to conduct a forensic examination of recorded data
Some customers require additional, complex rules in addition to the core rule-set and following administer training, we can assist your organisation in configuring these additional rules, if required.

1.4 Implementation Support

Once your organisation has decided on their chosen deployment model (on-premises or cloud-based) and having performed initial data gathering, the ZoneFox team will assist in planning the hardware requirements for the system and assist in the development of the plan to roll out the agent to end-points. We recommend a staged roll-out, possibly based on department, geography or corporate function.

System Roll Out and Early Support

The ZoneFox team will assist with the roll-out of the system and we will be on hand to support any queries that you have regarding the system.

Early-Stage Support Retrospective

3 months after ‘Go Live’, ZoneFox will organise a retrospective with the key project stakeholders to review how well ZoneFox met their expectations, review whether all the original success criteria have been met and to seek feedback from the customer on improvements that ZoneFox could make to the on-boarding process.

ZoneFox Analyst Reports

The ZoneFox Analyst Reports delivers and advises on the security insights from your Hosted ZoneFox installation in the form of a fortnightly Threat Report supported by a 30-minute phone call with a Senior ZoneFox Security Analyst. This service is designed to present any findings and to assist your team in developing and implementing an action plan to address the issues highlighted.

Recommended actions from the report may include:

  • Changes to Security, Acceptable use or other internal policies
  • Identification of additional training needs
  • Requirement for a follow-up investigation
  • Additional automated ZoneFox monitoring (rules or AI configuration)

Hosted ZoneFox

Hosted ZoneFox includes your ZoneFox licence and the ZoneFox platform in the cloud. It includes all application support and training and platform monitoring and security testing.

Platform Monitoring and Infrastructure Security Testing includes:

  • Hardware monitoring and addressing any hardware issues
  • Application Security testing
  • Regular and Emergency Infrastructure Security Patching
  • 95% Uptime SLA