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Where ZoneFox can support your security ecosystem

Robust information security is not delivered by a single product or vendor-provided technology. A strong security posture is, however, established through a combination of technical solutions, a clearly defined process, and employee awareness and training - all working together to provide defence against the full spectrum of threats, from advanced malware to social engineering attacks.

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So choosing the right solutions, finding the right balance and ensuring the chosen products work together in order to provide your organization with a layered defense to reduce business risk is a challenge.

Malicious activity or risky behavior can manifest in an organization in many ways. ZoneFox’s capabilities provide the business with the assurance policy that procedures are being followed and the deployed security technology is working and stands apart as one of the few detective technologies that can tell the whole story when it comes to the “Who, What, Where, When and How” around your data.

So where does ZoneFox fit into your existing security eco-system? How can our award-winning UEBA technology add value? Do you need it when you have a range of other solutions in place? Get the Guide here.

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