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Analysis of a data theft

Analysis of a data theft

Research tells us that only around 9% of businesses feel safe from insider threats - that’s right, less than one in ten of you! - and that 42% of UK companies feel that privileged users (that’s management, system administrators, network administrators, et al.) pose a significant threat to their data security. Ouch!

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Right now, there are a ton of organizations doing audits around the efficacy of their existing ‘data security’ infrastructure. Why? Lack of trust in the protection offered against insider threats by traditional security controls. They’re just not cutting it - and for good reason.

What’s more, high-profile data losses from companies including Vodafone, Morrisons and Target were all traced to insiders’ credentials being used to access payroll, credit card, and employee and customer’s personal data. So much for protecting the network - sometimes it pays to be a little bit more holistic in our approach to security and data theft. Read more here.

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