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A ZoneFox PoV gives your team a taste of how rapid, practical insights into activities around your data equate to more effective threat management and a strengthened security posture.

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Understand your threat landscape

The ZoneFox Proof of Value is the first step in the introduction of ZoneFox to our clients.

During a quick 3 week time frame, ZoneFox will deliver, direct to your team, intelligent, actionable insights into data behavior and movement across your networks.

Time is saved, security is improved, and risk -  for everyone - is reduced.

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Everyone has Insider Threat potential. Fact!

Employees, 3rd party vendors or privileged users – they’ve all got Insider Threat potential. The ZoneFox ‘Proof of Value’ will enable your team to really get to grips with the award-winning features and functionalities of our unique platform:

  • Who is doing things with your data and putting it at risk? Do you need to update permissions, review security training, or take immediate action to prevent a breach?
  • What data is being accessed, are policies being adhered to, are there any security gaps you didn’t know about?
  • When is data being accessed, download; imported, exported, or leaving your business at unusual times? Is there irregular activity that needs further investigation?
  • Where where is your data going and should it be going there? Where is it coming in? Is it infected?

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Time to get serious about security

ZoneFox is committed to bringing our leading technology to organizations to deliver valuable, actionable insights into data flow around your networks. With a ZoneFox PoV project, we’ll bring accessible machine learning and UEBA capabilities to your team so that your organization can experience firsthand how easy it is to navigate the complex landscape in which your business-critical data resides. We’ll show you the Who, What, When and Where so that you can quickly spot security gaps, and eliminate the usual resource-intensive activities around managing the insider threat.

The PoV Process

The ZoneFox PoV takes around 3 weeks. It’s quick, easy, and fully supported by our team of security experts who are on-hand throughout the process to help make it as easy for your team as possible. Get all the details in our, Introducing POV factsheet

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Ready to see how to lock down the insider threat?

In less than one month, we’ll demonstrate how ZoneFox makes easy work of securing your sensitive information by locking down the insider threat and minimizing the time your data is lying at risk. Actionable results in 30 days. For free.

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