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Imagine you could have complete visibility of how your data is being accessed by every user on every endpoint - 24/7. That's ZoneFox. No more log files, no more isolated network monitoring - just total data visibility backed up by a complete forensic audit trail. Finally, you can monitor risky behaviours exposing your data to risk, rapidly mitigate threats and make smarter decisions about how to secure the data that keeps your business running.

Empower your security team
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Secure your data from theft, misuse and emerging threats!

ZoneFox makes the mastery of anomaly detection and threat detection efficient and effective by empowering your team with fast, uncomplicated insights around what’s going on with your data – without the need for external support that other solutions require.

With straightforward data visuals, automated behavior analytics and practical insights, your team can work hand in hand with ZoneFox to secure valuable IP and sensitive information - delivering clarity and context around any breach of policy or anomalous activity.  

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Why ZoneFox? Easy!

Whether you need to identify trends around behavior, or need uncomplicated, easy-to-understand insights fast - ZoneFox has you covered.

We thought we were an organization with a robust security posture, but ZoneFox exposed that we were vulnerable in some areas. Specifically, we were confident that our access controls were good but we couldn’t be sure that there was no abuse of privilege. And this was a risk. ZoneFox gives us the oversight to manage that risk.
Linda Kilgour
IT Manager, CHAS

Get smart around the insider threat

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Can your current security ecosystem tell you where your business-critical data is going, even when it’s headed outside your networks? ZoneFox can. Find out how quickly and easily we can secure your data against the insider threat.

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