UEBA with Machine Learning

Bolster your security posture with our superior platform, combining machine learning with UEBA. Quickly spot expected and unexpected emerging threats before they become major incidents.

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Protect your organization against the unknown threats

ZoneFox automatically learns “normal” user behavior, and then detects the “unknown unknowns” to alert you in real time to any anomalous activities - so you can act lightning-fast before issues become big problems.

The super-lightweight ZoneFox agent securely streams continuous sequences of activities from monitored endpoints or cloud services to the ZoneFox AI engine, where an unsupervised anomaly-detection system (based on Bayesian mathematics) identifies events that don’t fit the pattern of your users’ everyday activities.

These anomalies are then checked for known risk factors, such as ransomware, the use of hacking tools or the accessing of files that violate policies - and, combined with previous operator feedback, are attributed an overall risk score. Any activities that appear to present risk cause an instant alert, and your team can quickly take the appropriate action.


Efficient, effective data security

  • ZoneFox learns from the anomalies you find most valuable, and then screens out irrelevant detections
  • Scales with your organization, allowing comprehensive investigation at every level of detail
  • Each ZoneFox visualization clearly expresses the shape of the data, accentuating high-risk anomalies while giving you a bird’s-eye view of user behavior
  • ZoneFox displays data so that you can rapidly prioritize high-risk anomalies, prevent incidents and stay compliant
  • Detailed, dynamic dashboard capabilities enable you to make high-level decisions around your security posture, all in one place and in real time
  • Quickly answer critical questions - who, where and why



In under 30 minutes discover how ZoneFox can enable you to bolster your insider threat security with the ability to make rapid, smarter decisions to secure employees and defend corporate IP.

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