Smart Connectors

Lean, mean, data-collection machine

Our patented Smart Connector technology is built from the ground-up - utilizing core OS functionality and minimizing performance impact. The result? No impact on endpoints, users or productivity.

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Smart, lightweight connectors

The ZoneFox Smart Connector is a small and lean piece of data collection software that, by default, records:

  • Data related to activities around your sensitive files, such as create/read/write/delete/move/rename
  • Process operations, such as start/stop
  • File Network operations such as file uploaded/downloaded
  • Database operations on servers, such as SQL commands or change of server configuration
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Low impact, High performance

  • Ultra-easy to deploy - with super-low performance impact on the endpoint
  • Wide range of native Operating System support, including Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Support for locally hosted SharePoint and Microsoft SQL database servers
  • Unrivaled performance through extensive use of native file system drivers
  • Data is collected in real time and streamed for off-site analysis - with true offline visibility when needed
  • Strict quality control to ensure stability and reliability of software
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One-of-a-kind capabilities

Our Smart Connector consumes less than 0.5% of CPU, 20 MB of RAM memory and 5 KB/s of network traffic - with no additional configuration required, and no rules needing pushed to the connectors.

The bottom line? With zero impact on ZoneFox-ed devices, you can forget about performance degradation and focus on instant protection for your IP and sensitive data.

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