Rules-Based Engine

Clever rules-based engine

We’re a stickler for rules, but not just any old rules. Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated - the intuitive and flexible ZoneFox rules engine means you can be securing sensitive data in no time.

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The ZoneFox rules-based engine is an easy-to-configure, proactive alerting tool that ensures you’re protecting your data in real time from the moment ZoneFox is deployed. Rapid setup, coupled with an off-the-shelf, ready-to-go rules set means your data benefit from instant protection against risky behaviour - while you take the time to craft your own rules and policies that perfectly align with your business needs.

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Efficient, effective security

  • Ready-to-go rules, including files being uploaded to cloud providers, users uploading files via browser, endpoint machines terminating AV applications, and users downloading dark web browsers
  • Supports integration with Active Directory
  • Rapid deployment with out-of-the-box rules for ease of use
  • Real-time alerting on policy breaches so you can take the necessary action
  • Retrospective rules analysis - look back and see what events would have fired an alert, and start fine-tuning your own customized rules
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Visualisation of behavior is something that makes the operation of the security so much easier. You’re looking at a picture and there’s a big red light flashing that tells you go look right here.
Gabe Barrett
Information Security Consultant

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