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Complete visibility around your data means knowing what’s happening with it, on and off your network. Yet changing practices can increase the threat to your data, both accidental and malicious.

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ZoneFox Cybersecurity Network Monitoring Interface

Efficient, effective security

  • Quickly spot any anomalies that could affect your security – whether they be data transfers to an unexpected country, or a particular user who has uploaded an unusually large amount of data in a short period of time
  • Full integration with our search capabilities, so your team can filter down through the data to the most relevant events to your investigation
  • Create rules to alert when data is uploaded to a specific country, when a user downloads a file from a specific website, or when a specific file type is transferred using a specific application
  • Get visibility of files uploaded and downloaded both within your network, and to sites on the internet
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Total data visibility - however you need it

The key question? Can your current Insider Threat tool help you in determining where your business-critical data is going … outside your network? ZoneFox can, tracking uploads and download activity from a user’s endpoint to any network location, including other computers on the local network, or across the internet. It will then attempt to match this with file read activity to provide insights and highlight areas worthy of investigation. Smart, right?

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Whether it's on a server or a desktop at your office - or an employee taking work home and working on it on a laptop at home - you need to make sure that protection is there at all times
Gabe Barrett
Information Security Consultant

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