Five Factor Model

Intelligent ZoneFox 5 Factor Model

Our simple 5-factor model delivers complete visibility of data flow and user behavior. Our “push” architecture captures key information from 5 touch points and delivers only the essential data.

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What makes ZoneFox technology superior?

Our clever technology is underpinned by our 5-factor model, which analyzes data and delivers quick, valuable insights that enable your team to contain threats - and respond as needed.

Our “push” architecture solution constantly drives data and eradicates the resource-draining need to transform endless, messy log files into answers - by capturing the key information from 5 touch points and delivering only the essential data around:

  • User
  • Processes
  • Machine/Device
  • Resource – i.e., files on disk, records in a database, files on SharePoint
  • Behaviour
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How does the 5 Factor Model work?

Data from ZoneFox smart connectors is streamed securely from the endpoint to our data store, capturing a standard format that leverages our unique 5-factor model. This one-of-a-kind capability captures the unique machine identifier, user, and application that performed the activity, the type of activity, and the specific resource that was affected. For example, a single entry may contain the following:

A user named Margarette, working on Machine 1, used Word.exe to save a file called C:\Finance\payroll.docx

Clever, right? And, because the 5-factor model captures the same core pieces of data for every event that occurs, your team is armed with the information that enables them to configure specific policies to alert - irrespective of whether your endpoints are using Windows, Linux or Mac - or even database servers.


Five Factor Model

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Reliable, no-nonsense insights

What insider threat solutions usually require: time, effort, late nights and never-ending demands on resources you simply don’t have, and what ZoneFox delivers: quick, easy, consistent no-nonsense insights - are worlds apart.

  • Completeness: You get every record you actually need, no more and no less. Other products don't have that granularity
  • Consistency: Every field is consistent and in the form you want. There are no issues of data inconsistency, unlike with log file systems
  • Continuity: ZoneFox captures the data both on and off network, delivering easy, no-nonsense insights in a straightforward format for rapid data analysis
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