Detailed Forensics

Detailed forensics at your fingertips

The second it’s up and running, ZoneFox starts recording all activities around your data, streaming only relevant data to the server, compiling a full forensic history of all user behavior around your data on every ZoneFoxed device, and providing the ability to undertake a thorough forensics investigation in a matter of hours - not the weeks or even months that you’re used to.

How else can ZoneFox support you?

Rapidly and efficiently respond and report

It’s impossible to respond to a breach in any meaningful way unless your team has full insight into what’s just happened. With actionable forensics by ZoneFox, your team has the intelligence they need to rapidly identify and answer key questions around an incident - and to provide the answers that your clients and partners will most likely want and need in a worst-case scenario.

ZoneFox Cybersecurity Data Flow Dashboard

Efficient, Effective Data Security

  • Full forensics timeline of information from every ZoneFox-ed endpoint provides quick, easy access to all the intelligence you need if the worst happens
  • Simple search interface to help your team quickly determine the actions needed to protect and safeguard your data
  • Straightforward, no-nonsense reporting means you can wrap up your investigation quickly and deliver the necessaries to anyone who needs them - easily meeting compliance reporting requirements and fulfilling response requirements
  • Metadata sent from the smart connector is never changed, only enhanced, so you get the detailed low-level forensic data and transformative insights that can really help boost your security posture
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One of the biggest benefits ZoneFox has delivered is the reassurance we can give to the families that use our services - and the volunteers that work with us - that their data is safe and being looked after
Linda Kilgour, Children's Hospice Association of Scotland
IT Manager

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