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ZoneFox AI helps secure your business-critical data and bolster your security posture, the instant you switch it on. How? By shining a light across your network and empowering your team to act quickly.

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Unless your existing cybersecurity strategy includes a solution with an intuition feature, it’s not going to be able to decode someone’s intentions with your valuable data. Armed with the key elements of the puzzle, ZoneFox AI delivers a superior security platform. Utilizing both machine learning and UEBA, your team can be incredibly thorough incredibly quickly, working with only the information you need to rapidly figure out the “Why”s and act as needed. ZoneFox and your team working together to get to the facts. That’s Augmented Intelligence.

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Efficient, effective data security

  • Intelligent analytics to quickly and consistently identify risky activities
  • Compliance, malware, business policy violations and anomalous behavior - ZoneFox AI has you covered
  • Detects the complex threats which competing products simply can’t
  • Unique architecture and 5-factor model delivers clear, noiseless, actionable alerts on anomalous behavior  
  • Zero-configuration agent means breakneck speed deployment & instant protection
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Through monitoring on the endpoint and agent-based approaches, UEBA enables organisations to better detect anomalies across their entire environments, from on-premise applications to those on mobiles and in the cloud
Fran Howarth, Bloor Research
Senior Analyst

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