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ZoneFox defends your data by monitoring every endpoint and every user 24/7, so whether employees are working remotely off-network, or 3rd party vendors are sharing your data with people they shouldn't be, ZoneFox gives you complete visibility into activity around your sensitive data.

Why is ZoneFox the smart choice?
ZoneFox Insider Threat Protection Augmented Intelligence Man

Augmented Intelligence

I can be sitting right next to each of our 3,000 employees - all at the same time (and still protect their privacy)

Automatically detect when a user’s behavior changes, rapidly spot compromised user accounts being used to harvest valuable IP and confidential data and identify users who present a security threat – all without compromising on user productivity and privacy, and system flexibility.

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Rules-based Engine

I can protect my employees, my customers data - and our reputation - within minutes

Run flexible, customizable rules that are up and running at the click of a button. And to save time, there’s a smart list of pre-defined/out-of-the-box rules in the system so you can be up and running quickly, protecting your data straight away while you consider what needs to happen around your organization’s specific needs. This is quick and easy centralized rule-management set-up – no messing.

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Network Monitoring

I can have complete visibility of my data from any place in the world, every second of the day - and still have time for lunch

Can your current security ecosystem tell you where your business-critical data is going, even when it’s headed outside your networks? ZoneFox can, tracking file uploads and downloads from a user’s endpoint to any network location - including other computers on the local network, computers across the internet and even websites or services such as Google Drive.

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ZoneFox Insider Threat Protection Detailed Forensics Man

Detailed Forensics

I can see the past, the present, and make agile decisions to safeguard my organization's future

With ZoneFox’s full forensic record, you can quickly identify and answer key questions around an incident: Who was the perpetrator? What did they take? Where did the data go? When did this happen – and how? This not only enables you to provide the answers that your clients and partners will most likely want and need in a worst case scenario, it empowers you to fine-tune your security policies to your organization’s concerns and existing behaviors. We call it past, present and future-proofing.

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ZoneFox Insider Threat Protection Compliance Reporting Woman

Compliance Reporting

I can keep our customers happy, and stay on the right side of the law - which means the boss is happy too

Compliance Reporting is built to support businesses in meeting the various often complex regulations that compliance entails. For GDPR, Compliance Reporting supports core areas which include the Transfer of Data, as well as the ability to quickly investigate a breach and provide scope details to the regulatory authority within the 72-hour timeframe (even less for Financial Services). It’s super-easy to use too, with an intuitive dashboard, straightforward visuals and reporting capabilities.

Compliance Reporting
ZoneFox Analyst Report

ZoneFox Analyst Report

I’ve got clarity around risk without lifting a finger

Practical and pragmatic and supporting resource-stretched security teams, the ZoneFox Analyst Report allows your team to access the knowledge and expertise of the ZoneFox security analysts, empowering fast security decisions so you can lock down threats, minimize risk around your business-critical data and implement effective, efficient planning to protect your organization.

ZoneFox Analyst Report
Within hours of deployment we had a level of visibility I’ve never seen before in terms of what was happening within the network.
Gabe Barrett

ZoneFox Customer



Learn how ZoneFox helps secure sensitive information against the insider - one of the most dangerous threats that all organizations face - delivering total data visibility, whether it’s on OR off your network.

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