Our Pricing

Fair and transparent pricing has been important to ZoneFox from day one, and we've been in business long enough to know that it’s important to our customers, too. The bottom line - we expect our product to make a difference to your business, without surprising you with hidden costs, features you’ll never use, or costly upgrades.

Our pricing models vary depending on the number of endpoints you have, the deployment mechanism you adopt and you can choose to pay using flexible investment models to match your budget and timescales.

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Hosted ZoneFox

Faster, easier, and even more secure than the on-prem alternative, hosting with ZoneFox supports an effective cyber defense strategy without the necessity for additional overheads.

ZoneFox on premise


ZoneFox’s powerful monitoring and data analytics can be flexibly configured to support a structured deployment and operation either on a studio, geographic, or whole company basis.

ZoneFox private cloud

Your private cloud

We get it - you're comfortable with your security and prefer to keep it that way, so we meet your business needs, deploying seamlessly to your private cloud.

Here’s how it works:

  • ZoneFox is licensed based on how many endpoints you need protected. We charge you per endpoint whether the endpoint is a server, desktop, laptop, database server or SharePoint server. One simple endpoint price regardless of what the endpoint is
  • We recommend you cover all of your endpoints with an agent in order to ensure a full timeline of activity from each device
  • Our hosted solution is the most cost-effective and secure route to deployment

We scale from 10s to 100,000s of endpoints - whatever your requirements and budget, we have a solution for you

One thing is for sure - we have saved our clients millions of pounds from mitigating the security risk to their enterprise. Whatever the cost of our solution - you can guarantee it’s less than the reputational damage of a breach or fine from a regulator.

With the insights and level of detail ZoneFox provides, we're able to better manage policies, streamline privileges and to be agile enough to react to risk as needed.
Gareth Roberts
IT Security Manager, WJEC

See what it's all about

Why not book a super-quick, 20-minute online demo, and as we walk you through all the great features and capabilities, we’ll also talk you through the exact details of how our simple pricing plan works - and, of course, you’ll also get the advantage of seeing how the ZoneFox platform will benefit your business in ways you hadn’t even considered.

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