Competitor Matrix

Compare Top 9 Cybersecurity Companies 2018 - Insider Threat

Looking to protect your corporate data, employees and Intellectual Property (IP)? Need to stop data being misused, leaked or stolen? Not sure where to begin? You’re in the right place!

Find the best cybersecurity vendor for your needs with our ultimate guide. With our exclusive competitor analysis you will: 

  • Learn what to look for when choosing a cybersecurity vendor for insider threat protection
  • Discover how to choose between industry leaders: ZoneFox, Dtex, Varonis, Darktrace, Cylance, AlienVault (DSM), Splunk, Exabeam, Fortscale (now RSA NetWitness)
  • Debunk the jargon, from SIEM to DLP and UEBA, and understand the key benefits of a wide range of technologies, establishing how each can support you
  • Uncover insider tips on how to bolster your security team, infrastructure and ultimately achieve complete data visibility across your entire estate