Why implementing a cybersecurity culture is essential for the law firm

29/11/2017 Cybersecurity

Law practices, by definition, keep large amounts of extremely sensitive data for long periods – making them a sitting duck for cyber crooks if their security systems aren’t up to scratch. That’s why implementing a robust cybersecurity culture is essential for the future of law firms.

Lawyer Monthly LogoAn article on this very topic, written by our CEO Dr Jamie Graves, has recently been published by  Lawyer Monthly.

Jamie highlights that law firms are prime targets in this new wave of organised crime with numerous methods used in order to get inside their firewalls and networks. The resulting financial, reputational and, ironically, legal damage can often be hard to come back from – particularly for a small firm.

The challenges law firms face in mitigating security issues tend to revolve around their data, given the sensitive nature of client information they hold. The complexity of different types of cyber-attack and the determination of cyber criminals to get hold of the highly valuable data and Intellectual Property in their possession, a variety of different methods will be used to get hold of it.

These challenges can be overcome by using a combination of knowledge, education, training and state-of-the-art technology. If such methods aren’t adopted and cybersecurity isn’t prioritised at board level, then it’s all the more likely attacks targeted at law firms will continue in attempts to obtain the precious data they possess.

Traditionally law firms have been slow in adopting technology, but with cybersecurity becoming such a high-profile issue, this is changing.

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