What ZoneFox found in the Law Firm

What ZoneFox found in the Law Firm

11/01/2018 Augmented Intelligence Cybersecurity

Remember the DLA Piper cyber attack in June 2017, where the law firm - with estimated revenues of $2.5 billion - was completely without access to its own data?

A cyber-attack on a law firm has wide ramifications reaching way beyond the four walls of the breached organisation alone - damaged reputation, large fines and loss of business can be hard for any organisation to bounce back from.

As law firms keep large amounts of extremely sensitive data for long periods there is no better place for hackers to start looking for information that they can quickly and easily monetize. But what specific threats are law firms currently facing? And how do you overcome these threats?

Based on some of the most recent ZoneFox projects, we delve into the “Top 10” challenges we found and that are facing the sector today, and consider how the use of UEBA and machine learning offers an effective way to combat these threats that are leaving your data and your business exposed to risk.

Ready to find out what ZoneFox found when we were put to work inside a law firm and tasked with testing their security? Read on!

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