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No rest for the wicked - ZoneFox Events 2018

14/06/2018 Insider Threat Augmented Intelligence Cybersecurity Machine Learning

Let’s talk cyber security

2018 may very well be turn out to be the year that the cyberattack finds itself on the winning side … AI is advancing, and as it does so, the bad guys are finding that it offers them a way in and around the defense systems of even the most savvy enterprise. As this new opportunity arises for the cybercriminal, where will your focus be so you can ensure you’re covered - business-critical data? Remote workers? Ransomware?  

ZoneFox Events 2018

While we race to keep up with the evolution of cyberattacks, we’re constantly having to think about where we place our efforts, and in a way that’s quick, cost-effective and efficient. Come and speak to us while we’re on the road and we’ll show you where ZoneFox can support your security arsenal, locking down threats, securing sensitive data and supporting compliance.

What’s your security pain-point?

Whatever it is, we’ll be around to support you in addressing it. Meet us at the following events:

Glasgow | June 20th

ZFHQ | June 26th

Edinburgh | June 27th

London | September 13th

Manchester | September 18th

London | September 20th


Can’t make any of the above but would still like to find out more about ZoneFox?

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