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Human Factor Podcast welcomes Jamie Graves

09/05/2018 Cybersecurity Information Security Podcasts

When the ‘People Hacker’ met the brains (and beard) behind ZoneFox

Jenny Radcliffe, aka. ‘The People Hacker’ is the leading mind in social engineering and dubbed a ‘human lie detector’ and ‘Jedi Knight’ (nicely timed with the podcast release on #MayTheFourth - we see what you did there!)

Jenny hones in on the principles around psychology and the methods of deception which could present a security risk to an organization.

Tune in to the Podcast

Joined by our CEO Dr. Jamie Graves, Jenny’s latest podcast looks at the development of ZoneFox, how Jamie spun out the company from Napier University during his PhD studies and delves into his journey to the heart of the Scottish infosec community.

Chat moves to the Insider Threat and the cyber risks present within every company, delving into GDPR and its effect data security - a discussion which goes against Jenny’s Podcast rule of a shot (it can be coffee!) every time those four letters are uttered.

Get in on the conversation and listen to the podcast today - or save for later and fire up that dreaded commute - and ensure you keep up to date with The People Hacker, the latest insights and her unmissable podcast.

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Eilidh Curtis

Eilidh Curtis

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