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Bede Gaming protect IP, Data and Employees

Bede Gaming protect IP, Data and Employees

08/08/2018 Press Releases Data protection

iGaming firm create long-term cyber strategy with ZoneFox and intelligent machine learning

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Global online gaming and gambling software supplier Bede Gaming deployed ZoneFox to enhance how it protects its IP, data and employees.  

Headquartered in Newcastle, Bede’s clients include Mecca Bingo, Pink Casino and betUK, as well as several international operators. The company processes hundreds of millions of transactions per month via its iGaming platform. As the gambling and social gaming industries continue to digitize, the IP and technology that enables Bede’s platform to power operators online betting places has become more valuable.

A key part of Bede’s staff recruitment and retention strategy is that its 160-strong workforce is empowered to work from home or from other remote locations. At any one time, up to 20 employees can be working from a location outside of its headquarters and as such it is important that Bede protects data and employees when off the network without impeding staff productivity. 

The company, therefore, wanted a cyber security solution that could be at the centre of a long-term strategy and empower it with the insights needed for a proactive and comprehensive cyber strategy.

“Our customers trust us to look after their data and that of their own customers. What was becoming increasingly clear to us was that the old ways of cyber security are just not up to scratch in the modern day. Our clients rightly expect us to protect them from an ever evolving threat landscape. Trust is our currency and so it’s fundamentally important to us that we’re able to minimise risk across the business.”

Jim Hooker, Information Security Officer, Bede Gaming

“To do that, we needed to have more insight into our data and its direction of travel – i.e. is it where it should be. At Bede we don’t want to do the sufficient, we want to go above the needed and that’s where ZoneFox comes in. Not only does it give us the actionable intelligence we need on known threats, but it also enables us to cover unknown threats and mitigate the risk proactively. To be an innovator, you’ve got to use an innovative platform. We pride ourselves on not just being the best, but having the best partnerships that will drive forward both our business and that of our clients,” Hooker concluded.

The ZoneFox solution monitors user behavior and data movement both on-and-off-network, alerting users to any malicious or anomalous behavior. This is achieved through user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and intelligent machine-learning technology that provides 360 visibility across the network and beyond. Enabling a clear system to combat the insider threat, this gives Bede the peace-of-mind that data will be safe wherever it’s being accessed from, that employees are protected against threats, and that staff can get on with the job at hand. Read more on the benefits of ZoneFox at Bede.

“Bede is a forward-thinking company that recognises the importance of data across the business. As it continues to grow in a competitive market place, its commitment to data protection, privacy and security will make it a valued partner to brands who recognise that a good security posture is vital to growth, expansion, and customer retention strategies. Over the last couple of years, we’ve built up a significant portfolio in the online gaming industry, Bede is a great addition to our client portfolio. We’re looking forward to working with them and their clients in the igaming industry, now and in the future.”

Dr Jamie Graves, CEO and founder, ZoneFox

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