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Protect Data & Remain Compliant in Retail

Retail focus: Top 3 Tips to remain secure and compliant in an evolving threat landscape

31/07/2018 Data Compliance Intellectual Property Data protection

In the diverse threat landscape retailers must protect customer data, IP, employees and corporate reputation

In his article for InternetRetailing, ZoneFox CEO DrJamie Graves, outlined the diversifying and unavoidable risk landscape retailers face.

Retailers often operate in a complex supply chain; a supply chain that can be climbed by an attacker, moving from the bottom of the food chain upwards throughout other connected businesses. Therefore, technology and education need to be in place with key suppliers, distributors and third parties just as stringently as within the owner’s own business. Hackers can exit a network within 15 hours, armed with prized data.

This worrying statistic demonstrates exactly why organizations must act fast to protect corporate Intellectual Property (IP) customer data and employees.

Competitive Edge vs. Cyber Secure?

It’s no secret the retail industry has been hit hard from a cyber security perspective, with breach reports landing from the likes of Ticketmaster (a perfect example of a supply chain cyber attack) and Dixons Carphone to the big boys like Apple and Tesla. The sector now receives an unfortunate accolade, that with 13% of all attacks - is now the most threatened industry, and with the number of attacks in the last year up 30%, the issue shows no sign of slowing.

And if you needed any further convincing, just look at the Tesla data theft lawsuit, where an employee breaching security policies resulted in Elon Musk’s organization losing some potentially business-crippling IP.

Don’t compromise

Keeping ahead of the competition isn’t something which should impact an organization’s cyber security strategy, and delivering customer excellence should only be supported and enhanced by data security and monitoring solutions.

1 - Let’s start with the technology that must be used

In essence, what any business needs is visibility throughout a network, allowing them to catalogue and analyze any anomalous behavior. This technology, known as user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), tracks what users are doing and how data is moving, flagging if user or data behavior differs from what could be considered reasonable and safe. Whether authorized or not, employees can put data and systems at risk.

2 - The next area to nail down is training

Training needs to be more than just PowerPoints – it should be interactive, incentivized and, most importantly, made applicable to the day-to-day lives of the team, whether they are on the shop floor or at head office.

3 - Lead by example  

Senior leadership must engage with cybersecurity as a topic. Those at the top of the business need not just to understand cyber security but also drive forward a culture of rigorousness and best practice. Only through this top-down approach will a shift in attitude towards staying safe through online channels to permeate.

At ZoneFox we work with retailers across the country to protect customer data as well as enable complaint procedures.

Watch our technology in action and discover how ZoneFox can support you by;

  • Delivering 360° data flow visibility, supporting compliance from GDPR to ISO270001
  • Identifying anomalous or risky behavior, before it turns into a security incident
  • Enabling a flexible, remote workforce, while protecting corporate data, IP and Pii - on and off the network!

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and book a demo with one of our Insider Threat Detection experts!

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