ZoneFox monitors user behavior and data movement both on and off the network and instantly alerts on anomalous and risky behavior. ZoneFox provides 360° visibility of activities around your data. Or as we say the – who, what, where and when. The result? Security posture is strengthened, sensitive information is protected and regulatory compliance is supported.


Lock down insider threats once and for all

ZoneFox protects your organization’s sensitive data and high-value intellectual property from loss, theft, and mishandling - whether from an accidental or malicious insider. At last, complete visibility into anomalous behavior around your data so you can identify risks and take action before they turn into major security incidents.

Watch our video to learn how our clients use ZoneFox to mitigate the risk of the insider threat, make smarter security decisions and bolster security posture.

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Why ZoneFox?

ZoneFox Artificial Intelligence AI Dashboard
ZoneFox Cybersecurity Network Monitoring Interface
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User Timeline Dashboard
ZoneFox Dashboard
ZoneFox Analyst Report
Realising that we could get visibility around data flow across the network – where files were going, what files were being accessed by who, what files were coming in, what was going out – not only in real-time but historically too … well we were pretty much sold on ZoneFox straight away.
Trevor Doull, Craneware
IT Manager

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In under 30 minutes discover how ZoneFox can enable you to bolster your insider threat security with the ability to make rapid, smarter decisions to secure employees and defend corporate IP.

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